Here are the elements included in every NetGainz Demand Generation Program

  1. Research - We will attempt to understand everything about your business, clients, competitors, and market
  2. Create a Plan - We will put together an easy-to-understand media plan about how we will generate B2B sales leads for your business. That plan requires client approval before move forward. This plan will include very specific goals, usually an estimate of how many inquiries at a set price.
  3. Select Collateral - We will decide with the client which documents, videos, or web pages will be the focus of the campaign
  4. Wright Unique, Customized Landing Pages - Usually successful B2B ad campaigns are built on landing pages that are created specifically for promoted collateral.
  5. Ad Copy Creation - We then create ads based on the copy in our customized landing pages of step 4.
  6. Budget - Based on the plan, we will set and manage the appropriate budget
  7. Google or LinkedIn Campaign Management - Ads are then placed into the Google Interface. We then optimize the various Google Levers to get the best results.
  8. Reporting - We will have reports available usually monthly to track our progress to reaching our agreed-upon goals.